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Our Artisan Services

Get residential professional services from reliable artisans within your locality, try us now.

Our Platform will showcase your business activities for free while we Develope and manage your websites to keep your presence online secure and always available. By subscribing, the following services will be offered.
  • Website Development & Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Graphics and Business branding
  • Corporate Training
Install and maintain any kind of domestic or office appliance, ranging from Carpentary, mechanical, Electrical, Automobile, Fashion including but not limited to catering Services
Move your school online with our all in one platform containing almost all your school requires. We will build a website for you, install a school management system that will enable real-time result processing.Your student will have access to publish contents for others to study and also showcase books in our Digital Library. The Software Solution and Computer Library handles almost all activities and records of the school by creating a reliable database. Our software and products are currently used by many organizations/Institutions.
What the package contains:
  1. Cyberspace: To showcase your activities online, we will develop a classic website for you, host and management the contents, handle the internet marketing and increase your audience.
  2. School Portal: Our software will handle the automatic correlation of students results every term or session as the case may be while giving room for teachers to enter scores manually to dynamically asses performance. We have all the tools you need to accelerate the entire academic process by providing a platform for result inputs and reporting that is easily accessible by parents and students. Students can take online exams in real-time and have instant result displayed to them by the end of the exam session. The School Information Management system is usually faster and easier compared with the conventional ways.
  3. Digital Library: We will install a Computer Laboratory with regular Internet Subscription which will serve as the connection in your Institution and may be used by the school Data processing/ICT Teacher for practical exercises.
There will be a dedicated server to contain the research library of both the usual academic books and other play themes. We will from time to time manage its content and the Library facility.
What the School Portal Software contains:
  • User account Interfaces
  • Database for storing records
  • Website to showcase school activities
  • Live Chat, Text messages and Emails for communication among teachers, students, Parents etc.
We are ever ready to supply all African Food Stuff to your desired destination in no time. We have a collection of local farmers working directly with us from Seed planting, Poultry and lots of Agricultural produce. Subscribe today.