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We are focused on the development of Humanity and the Service to the Most High Creator. We function as a connection to Professionals and Businesses by providing reliable indigenous products and services at best prices to boost the economy of the society and to encourage human capacity development.
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PSLLC is a Pan African organization with priority in the self-reliance and development of African by engaging locally manufactured products and Indigenous Services. We believe that with a collective responsibility, we can drive this ideology.

We believe in self reliance for food, we are encouraging the local food production ranging from cash crops to livestocks by conneting farmers to investors and direct consumers. Doing this has now become a reorientation process for the people to see Agriculture as the first occupation.

We are a research based and solution driven Pan African organization with priority in the Economic Development of the Continent. Our partnership with institutions aims to solve technical problems and to promote indigenous products and Services in the process.

The Proxisocket Educational Solution is developed and managed by us to encourage local academic research while using a Standard School Platform for learning, Management and result processing.